Wednesday, 27 May 2009

The Warrior's Princess - Barbara Erskine

You can read Julie's synopsis and comments here.

Well, Julie thought I'd enjoy this one and she was right....... though the way it started did make me wonder, at first, if I would as I can't abide anything like those attacks.

BE does seem to have a propensity for making her main characters into victims of one kind or another and this definitely started out with taking it to an extreme with the attacks. The current day character occasionally became one of her irritatingly irrational wimp types...... though she did redeem herself as the story progressed and it wasn't ever annoying enough to make me wonder why I was reading it. However I liked and felt much more sympathy for the historical character of Eigon. It also gladdened my heart to see that the depiction of the tarot, crystals and Druidry aspects, in the main, were positive and used to the good (yes, the storyline in Hiding from the Light still niggles! LOL). The culminations to the storylines were good with only the one slight disappointment: the final meeting between Eigon and Titus..... it was a bit of a damp squib after the build up to it - I felt it deserved something a little more spectacular, though that's probably just me. :0)

The stories of the current and historical characters interwove nicely through the book and were never confusing, as some can become. It also had that page turning "I want to know what happens next" thrill that has you reaching for the book in any spare moment or keeps you reading into the early hours - BE at her best. :0)

Will be registering this with Book Crossing and then posting it on to Rachael, as promised. :0)


Julie said...

I knew you would like this one, although i too was a little disappointed about the Eigon and Titus meeting and thought it could have been more dramatic.

Karan said...

Glad it wasn't just me. :0)