Monday, 18 May 2009

Delicious - Nicky Pellegrino

Italy, 1964. Maria is the eldest daughter inthe Carrozza family from the tiny southern village of San Giulio. At sixteen, her life is limited to the confines of her mother's kitchen (where she bakes bread every morning, the way the Carrozza women always have), and the Caffe Angeli, a place of friendship and strong espresso.Her parents have high hopes for their beautiful firstborn, but she has other plans.

Many years later, a young woman is drawn to San Giulio. But she soon discovers that the peaceful Italian life she seeks is not as simple as it seems - particularly where the past is concerned.

Written with all the warmth of a Carrozza family recipe, Delicious is about three very different generations of women, and the old Italian kitchen which unites them.

"Full-bodies as a rich Italian red, it's a page-turner combining the missed chances of Captain Corelli's Mandolin withthe foodie pleasures of Chocolat" Eve

I saw this book in the charity shop in Tywyn and because it is in some ways simillar to Chocolat I thought I'd give it a go. It's fab - I just couldn't put it down, so much so that today I carried on ready after lunch into my prep time at school - naughty.

No nasty surprises just an adorable love story that unfolds over the years within the family and with outsiders. I'll keep a look out for any others by this author as I really didi enjoy it.


Karan said...

Sounds like a good one Clare - will be adding it to my ever growing list of must reads. :0)

Julie said...

Wonder if all books about food/sweets are good reads LOL :-)