Wednesday, 27 May 2009

The Serpent in the Garden ~ Janet Gleeson

Summer, 1765. The renowned portrait painter Joshua Pope is eager to escape London and his unhappy past and accepts a commission to paint a wedding portrait for Herbert Bentnick and his bride-to-be, Sabine Mercier. Joshua learns that the couple are avid horticulturalists. Bentnick's country house, Astley, in Richmond, is famous for its verdant gardens, designed by the master landscape artist Capability Brown. Sabine Mercier, who has lived most of her life in the Indies, is an expert in growing pineapples, the fruit of choice at the grandest dinner parties and an inspiration to artists and craftsmen. But soon after Sabine begins to cultivate pineapples in the vast conservatory at Astley, she discovers a body among her plants. Why, wonders Joshua Pope, is so little attention paid to this bizarre death? Why do Bentnick's children regard their future stepmother with suspicion and fear? And what connection does Sabine's daughter Violet have with the dead man? Outraged that any life can be valued so lightly, Joshua begins to investigate the death. But then Sabine's valuable emerald necklace disappears, and he is implicated. His need to discover what has happened at Astley.

A very enjoyable book, there are lots of twists and turns and i didn't guess who the culprit was. Janet Gleeson was recommended to me and this is the first book i have read by her after spotting it in the library. She also wrote The Thief Taker and The Grenadillo box which you might have read and which i will be looking out for.

Happy reading


Karan said...

Now that sounds like my sort of book too. So many books, so many lovely stitchy projects..... only so much time! LOL :0)