Friday, 29 May 2009

The Cradle will fall- Mary Higgins Clark

County prosecutor Katie DeMaio lands in hospital after a minor car accident. During the night, she sleepily watches through the window as a man loads a woman's body into the boot of a car. Is it just a medicated nightmare, or is the scene horrifyingly real? Back at work, a suspicious suicide investigation leads Katie into acquaintance with Dr Richard Carroll, a medical examiner whose concerns about brilliant fertility specialist Dr Edgar Highley begin to entwine with her own findings. Dr Highley's pioneering work 'curing' infertile women is controversial and potentially dangerous - and Dr Carroll is determined to prove it. But Katie's treatment for the car crash has already begun, and to Dr Carroll's horror he finds she is under the care of the man he is investigating. Soon enough, as his own discoveries and the scene she witnessed cross paths, Katie's life is placed in terrible danger...

This book has a lot of short chapters, but you can't help yourself from reading on and on. This is my favourite of MHC books that I've read so far. A thrilling read


Always smiling said...

I love Mary Higgins Clark and have read this and it is well worth a read... and any others she has written as well.

Chris x

Karan said...

Quite fancy the sound of this. Another one to add to my ever expanding list! LOL :0)