Friday, 29 May 2009

No Way Out- Lynda Page

Stephanie Mortimer feels trapped. Her alcoholic mother and domineering father have never loved each other, let alone their only child, and her upbringing has been one of violence, repression and neglect. In an attempt to escape, Steph agrees to marry a man she doesnt even love but a tragic accident means their marriage never takes place. Then her father dies and the terms of his will reveal that he still has a hold on Steph even beyond the grave. Reeling from the news, the last person Steph expects to meet is the man of her dreams. Jason Connor could change her life for ever, but will their whirlwind romance be the answer to Stephs prayers or the beginning of a nightmare?

This book had me gripped from the begining, you immediately feel so sorry for Steph, and feel angry towards her parents for treating her the way they did. When she marries she hopes that her life will change for the better but unfortunately it's only the start of another nightmare. There's a twist at the end that I never guessed.
I have really liked the 2 books that I've read of Lynda's, so I have requested another couple from the Library, I really like the easy reading of her stories.
Thanks for introducing a great Author to me Julie


Julie said...

You are most welcome Lisa, she does have a way of telling a story and keeping you hooked right till the last page.

Always smiling said...

This sounds like my sort of book and I need to go to the library this week as tradgedy I had read one of my books!! And I keep lists!!
Chris x