Tuesday, 12 May 2009

Keep Me Close - Clare Francis

A terrific suspense novel from an author who can tantalize the reader with tension. This is a story of greed, manipulation, deception and blackmail.

Catherine, a talented garden-designer, is surrounded by men all of whom appear devoted to her but none of whom she can entirely trust. After a series of silent phone calls she is attacked in her home and left confined to a wheelchair.
But who was the brutal assailant? Could any of the three men - all so close and apparently committed to her welfare - have planned her near murder? A slow, enticing build-up leads to an increasingly gripping and dexterous climax.

I have always admired Clare Francis - I remember her being on the news when I was younger after completing her round the world sailing. Part of me is drawn to her because my name is also Clare Frances - with our Clares being spelt the same.

Her books are always intriguing and this is no exception - a few times I thought I had guessed the answer but then something happened to change my mind and I was still wrong at the end LOL

This will be one of my giveaway books - details are on my blog.


Julie said...

Sounds an exciting read, i never guess whodunnit ....

Anonymous said...

sounds like a good read, another to add to my growing list :)

Karan said...

My reading list is getting longer & longer. LOL :0)