Tuesday, 26 May 2009

A Step in the Dark - Judith Lennox

It’s 1915 when young Bess Ravenhart, recently widowed, leaves her baby son Frazer with her mother-in-law, Cora, while she sails from India to Britain to set up a home. But Cora has no intention of returning Frazer to his mother's care. Though Bess makes a new life in Edinburgh and knows the joy – and pain – of motherhood with further children, her heart always aches for the little boy she left behind. When Frazer travels to Scotland twenty years later, it seems Bess's dreams of a reconciliation will come true. But Frazer trails danger in his wake, and it's possible that not only he but also Bess and her whole family will live to rue the day of his return…

The novel is very much in the family saga style of Barbara Taylor Bradford/Catherine Cookson but notwithstanding this was a relatively easy read. Whilst I was not that enamoured with the "heroine" - I thought that she could have shown a bit more fight! - I thought that the book was thoroughly enjoyable and I did not anticipate all of the twists.


Karan said...

Not a big fan of BTB or CC but would probably read this just to sample the writer's work. :0)

Anonymous said...

will keep an eye out for this one, I really need to give some other authors a go