Wednesday, 25 February 2009

The Other Side of the Stars

An unforgettable story of a young woman striving to find herself amidst the glitz and glamour of the film world.

Actress Lara Latner is enjoying a golden summer - her new play is the toast of London's West End, and she and her boyfriend Alex are setting up their first home together. But when her agent calls with an extraordinary opportunity - her potential break into Hollywood - she is plunged into turmoil. For the part, the lead in an American remake of a classic French film, is the role that made her mother, tragic actress Eve Lacloche, a legend. Lara does not know what to do. How can she bear to leave Alex, and their precious home for the months of the shoot? How can she ever hope to measure up to Eve's luminous performance? But perhaps it is only by stepping into her mother's shadow that Lara can hope to truly understand her, and to lay the past to rest.

About the Author
Clemency Burton-Hill is an actress, journalist and broadcaster. She is a contributing editor for the Spectator, has written for many UK publications including the Observer, Guardian, Telegraph, Daily Mail and New Statesman, and appears regularly on arts and current affairs programmes including Question Time, Andrew Marr, and BBC Radios 3, 4 and 5. She was a presenter at the BBC Proms and on the series Visionaries, and her recent acting credits include leading roles in Poirot, The Palace, and Party Animals. The Other Side of the Stars is her first novel.

A book about relationships, this was an easy read, mainly because the characters were all likeable, Lara in particular! Good storyline with paths leading to a number of assumptions that are all cleared up at the end. However, it does make true the adage that one should never assume as to assume makes an ass of u and me!

I will keep this book for a week if anyone would like to borrow it.


Karan said...

Sounds like a great read & another one to add to my list. :0)

Julie said...

Not seen this author before, sounds an interesting read.