Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Atlantis - David Gibbins

ATLANTIS: The fabled island which disappeared beneath the waves at the dawn of history; One of archaeology's most enduring mysteries; Fact or myth? No one has ever known - until now.....

One day, on a dive in the Mediterranean, marine arcaeologist Jack Howard gets lucky. Very lucky. He and his team uncover what could be the key to the location of the lost island.

Jack is on the verge of making an astounding breakthrough, but someone else knows about Atlantis's location. And Jack and those closest to him are suddenly locked in a life or death game with consequences that could destroy thousands of lives. For what Jack discovers is beyond his wildest dreams - but it comes at a terrifying price.

You can read more about the author and his other books here.

I was really looking forward to this book, as it is based on various things that interest me, and it started out well and did have me hooked initially but that soon dwindled some. Whilst there was plenty of action and a reasonably strong story/plot line it did start to feel more like a tutorial/lecture after a while, with all the different historical, archaeological and geological facts it contained - and the book certainly had those in plentiful supply. By the end of the book it felt as if all the extra information had distracted me from the storyline and made the characters seem somewhat stilted at times.

All told, it's obvious the author knows his stuff and I did learn a few things along the way......... but that's not why I chose to read this and it's definitely not what I expected from a fictional book. If I want to learn something I opt to read non-fiction books!

Registered with Book Crossing and added to my swap list - shout if you're interested in it. :0)


Julie said...

This one sounds a bit too brain taxing for little ole me! :-)

Karan said...

Julie, you could actully hear a whoooshing noise as much of it went over my head. LOL Wonder if this had anything to do with my migraine? LOL :0)