Saturday, 11 April 2009

House of Echoes By Barbara Erskine

A woman unexpectedly inherits a beautiful English manor from the mother she never knew--a place where her two young brothers died many years ago. The locals whisper of a dire curse on both the house and her family, as eerie, inexplicable occurrences begin to threaten her own two sons. Now she is completely on her own to face a centuries-old malevolence--with the lives of those she holds dear hanging in the balance!
I really enjoyed this book, but part of it being quite disturbing really!
Although the Female heroine lacks backbone once again, as do most of Barbara Erskine main leading ladies in the books I have read, something I detest I must admit, (yes I really want to shake these characters if they were real)I would love just once for one of them to not be a total walkover, or maybe only we the readers can see what total doormats these women are! But I did enjoy the story!!
Sorry! just had to have a little rant over my pet hate!!
Julie I will get this out to you next week if you still want it


Karan said...

The one that annoyed me the most (so far) is Lady of Hay - go-getting career woman she definitely wasn't!

Anonymous said...

sounds like another good one Rachael, must look out for this one.
can i join in with this blog? I have quite a few books that I'm finished reading

Julie said...

Yes please Rachael.

I'm sorry your pet-hate happened in this one (again LOL)