Saturday, 17 January 2009

The Soul Slayer - Paul Doherty

Soul Slayer: from medieval lore and legend, if a magician can take out the heart of his victim before death, and the victim does not die in a state of grace, the warlock can call upon that soul to do his bidding.

Eighteen-year-old Rebecca Lennox, the daughter of a former priest, is mneglected and feared by the villagers of Dunmow in Essex. They regard her as cursed, by both her hare lip and her gift of second sight. Rebecca finds solace in the statue of St Michael the Archangel, to whom she prays devotedly within the sanctity of her old parish church. But when a young Catholic priest arrives in the village it seems that she has finally found a mortal confidant. Michael is not repelled by her infirmity and his charm and gentleness remind her of her beloved statue.

Then in the late summer changes come to Dunmow. A new parson is appointed - more interested in the black arts than the teachings of religion. Foe Henry Frogmore holy orders are merely a convenient cover for his nefarious activities, but in Rebecca and Michael he finds powerful opponents. And in the ensuing struggle the price for each of them is all too heavy.

Well, I must admit I'd put off reading this book for a while due to the bumpf claiming this was a really scarey book - normally I don't go much for scarey. It took a couple of chapters before I settled into the story and the wait for a really scarey bit was a long one...... as in: I'm still waiting, long after finishing the book. I won't be so quick to believe in the publisher's hype in future. LOL

Despite the mild disappointment with that it was still a fairly entertaining read that had me caught up in the plot enough to actually make me cry at a sad part and again at the bittersweet ending - not many books do that to me.

Book is being re-homed with Barb. Just remember to have a tissue handy when you get near the end! ;0)