Saturday, 3 January 2009

Midnight is a Lonely Place - Barbara Erskine

After a broken love affair, Kate Kennedy, a succesful biographer, retires to a remote cottage on the wild Essex coast to work on her new book. When Alison, her landlord's daughter, uncovers a Roman site nearby, long-buried passions are unleashed....

In her lonely cottage, Kate is terrorized by mysterious forces. What do these ghosts want? That the truth about the violent events of long ago be exposed or remain concealed? Kate, Alison and her elder brother Greg must struggle for their lives against earthbound spirits and ancient curses as hate, jealousy, revenge and passionate love do battle across the centuries.....

Julie very kindly sent me this book a while ago and I made it my festive season read. Wow! I reckon this is much better - and scarier - than Lady of Hay and I could hardly put it down. No irritation with any of the characters or niggles with the plot, just a really gripping read that actually had me looking over my shoulder a couple of times! LOL

The only thing that was a little disappointing was the ending: I want to know how they explained the dead body and if the two lovers stay together..... for themselves or because of the ghosts. That's typical me though...... always wanting to know what happens next and have things explained to the final Nth degree. ;0)

Book is going to Rachael. :0)


Julie said...

So pleased you enjoyed it Karan, i loved it too and would definately recommend it to those who are not faint hearted LOL