Saturday, 6 September 2008

Hello fellow readers!

Thank you for the invite.
I am currently reading Making Money by Terry Pratchett, even though it is taking me a while to read it, I do enjoy the Discworld books. I know some people do think these books are for students and teenagers, but I do enjoy the daft fantasy side of these stories. Well you are only as old as you feel. Whilst on the subject of younger readers, Have you read any of the Louise Rennison books,you must look them up, whilst being for the young ladies they are very hilarious!!
I have quite a few favourite authors, but the one main favourite has to be Stephen King, I have literally grown up reading his books, and I do own most of his books. I also like James Herbert but I am not just into the horrors. I will admit to loving a lot of chick lit. 8-0
I like James Patterson and Jonathon and Faye Kellerman, and have read nearly most of their books. I have tried making a journal of all the books I have read. So far there is over 200 authors, but not counting all the books I read before I started.
I could go on all night but I won't bore you anymore. Sorry for rambling on. ;0)


Julie said...

I used to read stuff like 'The Fog' and The Rats' when i was younger, then i didn't read for years. MIL used to pass on Catherine Cookson and Josephine Cox when the kids were babies for me to have some quiet time.

Rachael said...

My Mum is a huge fan of Catherine Cookson,but I have never read any yet?

Karan said...

I got cured of reading horror books when I used to have to walk to work, for a 7am start, through seriously foggy mornings. Not nice hearing footsteps then remembering every scarey thing you've ever read! Will read almost anything else though. :0)