Thursday, 4 June 2009

Orphans of the storm- Katie Flynn

Jess and Nancy, girls from very different backgrounds, are nursing in France during the Great War. They have much in common for both have lost their lovers in the trenches, so when the war is over and they return to nurse in Liverpool, their future seems bleak.

Very soon, however, their paths diverge. Nancy marries an Australian stockman and goes to live on a cattle station in the Outback, while Jess marries a Liverpudlian. Both have children; Nancy's eldest is Pete, and Jess has a daughter, Debbie, yet their lives couldn't be more different.

When the second world war is declared, Pete joins the Royal Air Force and comes to England, promising his mother that he will visit her old friend. In the thick of the May blitz, with half of Liverpool demolished and thousands dead, Pete arrives in the city to find Jess's home destroyed and her daughter missing. Pete decides that whatever the cost, he must find her...

From the rigours of the Australian Outback to war-ravaged Liverpool, Debbie and Pete are drawn together... and torn apart...

this book has lay on my bookshelf collecting dust for a couple years, something just made me want to pick it up and read it over the weekend. I'm so glad I did, very likeable characters and a great discription of what Liverpool would have been like during the war. It might be a little slow paced at the begining for some, but I'm sure once you get into the story you'll want to read to the end


Karan said...

Sounds another good one for my list. Now all I need is more hours in the day! LOL :0)