Tuesday, 7 October 2008

new book started

I have at last finished the Lesley Pearse book I was reading. A friend has lent me a trilogy of books by Adriana Trigiani entitled Big Stone Gap(1) Big Cherry Holler (2) and Milk Glass Moon(3). She is author of Lucia,Lucia but I haven't read that one. It is an easy read but one that has you thinking you are up there in the mountains with the kind hearted collection of quirky sharp tongued folk.The blurb on the back is as follows.....
Ave Maria Mulligan if still single at 35 and she's well known for being the town spinster as for being the town pharmacistl.Not that it matters Ave Maria has her work,her best friend Theo and her loving Mama. So she isn't lonesome. Not a bit . Not even in aplace like Big Stone Gap where most people are married by 18 and you cant park your car outside a man's house without rumours flying, but now Aves Mama has died and as if that isn't painful enough,a letter has arrived with a secret from beyond the grave.A secret that raises as many questions as it answers.
Nothing stays private in a small town and before long Ave has a whole host of things to worry about.
This isn't my usual kind of book ,but my friend and I usually have similar taste so I thought I would give it a go. Will let you know what I think when I have finished it.
Karan I have read the Curious dog in the night-time and enjoyed it.Again not a book I might have chosen but certainly different.

The friend that lent me this trilogy has also taken part in the book crossing. I will ask her if she would like to join us shall I Karen.
Has anyone read any of Lee Childs books. I also see someone has or is reading the Wise Woman I enjoyed that too. Haven't had the new back from son yet . Hope everyone is engrossed in a book. I think ELISA reads,.. perhaps she would like an invite . What do you think of asking on the board Karen. Anyway that is it for now take care Barb


Julie said...

Never heard of either of these authors, i am such a not-with-ti reader LOL
It's me reading the Wise Woman, its good, but lots of naughty words in it!

Karen said...

Barb just let me know email addresses of people who you would like invited and I will send them an invite, email me with them please

Karan said...

Not heard of either author either but I shall be on the look out for them now. :0)